Thursday, October 28, 2010

VF Corp. to Sponsor 2011 Marketing Summit Case

VF Corp., a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel, is the case sponsor for next year's Marketing Summit!
Teams participating in the 21st annual case competition will have the opportunity to become familiar with two of VF's leading brands.
Graduate student teams are expected to develop innovative solutions for The North Face, while the event's undergraduate competitors are scheduled to work on a case involving Nautica.
"The case competition provides value to VF in several ways, including access to new ideas and perspectives and an opportunity to assess and recruit talented students well versed in marketing strategy and tactic," said Paul Mason, a company spokesman.
Mason said VF, based in Greensboro, chose The North Face and Nautica for the competition because both brands "should be familiar to the competition participants and provide compelling case studies."
VF's ties to Wake Forest run deeper than the Marketing Summit. Mike Gannaway, vice president of VF Direct/Customer Teams, has been a judge. VF chairman, president, and CEO Eric Wiseman earned a B.S. and MBA from the university and he serves on the board of visitors for the Schools of Business.
Each year, Wake Forest University attracts talented marketing minds from top MBA and undergraduate programs nationally to participate in the Marketing Summit -- a student-run competition that offers students the opportunity to apply their marketing skills and creativity to real-world marketing challenges. VF follows a tradition of landing high-quality case sponsors that have included IBM and PepsiCo.
Stay tuned. Over a short 36-hour period, teams work around the clock to craft a strategic marketing plan to address a given challenge. At the end of the competition, the sleep-deprived students present their solutions to a panel of industry-leading experts.

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