Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Reyna Camps

Today, we meet Reyna Camps (MA ‘10), business analyst, finance, at Frito Lay.

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Although born in Brooklyn, NY, Reyna Camps began her life in Trinidad. And after moving to the U.S. permanently as a child, she returned to Trinidad for two months of each year. Her time spent in this developing country inspired within her a desire to contribute, specifically as a doctor, in an effort to improve the Caribbean health care system. It’s a plan she took with her to Stanford University, where she majored in Human Biology, with a concentration in International health Policy.

Upon graduation, Reyna faced an important decision. Continue on the path she had established by attending medical school, or act upon a developing interest that surfaced while taking business classes as an undergrad?

“I began to be interested in business while taking courses that showed how business concepts could be used to improve economically disadvantaged communities, which indirectly lead to those communities becoming empowered to make better health choices for themselves” Camps said. “With a background that was heavily entrenched in biology and not too much else, I felt unqualified to pursue any type of business field.”

That’s when she first heard of the Wake Forest MA program. She knew immediately that this was the opportunity she was looking for, a way to combine her liberal arts education with the business skills she needed to make a career out of the passion she identified long ago.

Now, Reyna is a business analyst with Frito Lay, and is well on her way to building the resume needed to accomplish her personal and professional goal of bettering life in developing countries. With Frito Lay she’ll have the opportunity to work overseas, and gain the multi-dimensional finance experience she’ll need to use business as a tool to better the lives of others. Her plan is to ultimately return to school in a few years to gain her MBA – or maybe even her MD.

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