Monday, March 21, 2011

Director’s Corner: Welcome Back MAs

Welcome back MAs! I hope you enjoyed your spring break and have returned reinvigorated and ready to finish these last two months strong.

I know that the last eight months have been a whirlwind and passed much more quickly than you could have imagined. I also know that you still have a lot on your plates-classes, ALPs, job searches, etc. But let’s not forget that although the finish line is in sight, we haven’t crossed it yet. I challenge each of you to raise your intensity and finish out the program with everything you have. Don’t become complacent:

1. Perform well in class-in every class, every day. Be on time and prepared. Arrange your schedule so you don’t have to miss valuable class time for meetings and job interviews.
2. Work well in your teams. Step up and become a leader. Make sure you contribute.
3. Engage with CMC. It’s critically important that you intensify your job search efforts. Meet regularly with your career coaches. Students who do are the ones who get jobs!
4. Look out for, support, and take care of each other. When things get hectic, it’s good to know someone has your back.

Although graduation is right around the corner, let’s continue TCO(MA)B. That’s old school for Take Care of (MA) Business.

Take care,
Derrick Boone

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