Monday, October 26, 2009

Director's Corner ~ Happenings in the MSA Program

Greetings Everyone!

I trust that you are all doing well and enjoying the fact that you are now past the halfway point of the semester! Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are rapidly approaching. As the end of the semester approaches, things can get a bit hectic and stress levels can increase. Please try to make sure that you are taking time out for yourself and getting plenty of exercise during these crunch times.

I understand that there are many intramural sports teams already set up through the graduate programs. These are an excellent way for you to have something fun to do, besides coursework of course, and to get to know others. If you are not currently involved in these activities I strongly encourage you to consider them. More teams will be forming as we move into the winter and spring so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

I would also like to take this opportunity to update you on some important MSA events:

• We will have a Town Hall meeting for all students who have recently joined us from other universities on Sunday, Nov. 1, at 5 pm. Please plan to join me and discuss the transition to Winston-Salem, Wake Forest University services, job searches, and your current course load. We want to hear how things are going for you and hope that you will be willing to share your experiences with us.

• We will be setting up a Town Hall meeting shortly for all MSA students (those who have been here and those new to our campus). We would like to hear about program issues and concerns that relate to everyone and may not be as related to transition to a new place. Please plan to attend this event as soon as it is set.

• We are still looking for MSAs and MBAs to compete in the KPMG Global Case competition. This is an international business case competition and not just accounting so we need non-accountants on these teams as well. To be considered for this you need to have the following dates fairly open: Nov. 20-23, 2009 (WFU team competition); Jan. 22, 2010 (Atlanta trip for national competition ); April 7-9, 2010 (possible international trip to Athens).

Please feel free to contact me anytime at or 758-5113.

Best, Yvonne Hinson, MSA Program Director

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