Thursday, October 8, 2009

Books, Job Hunt and Clubs … So Much To Do!

I have received a lot of questions since my last post. How have the first months been? What am I doing in terms of an internship hunt? Have I had my share of fun? Have I joined any clubs and do I have the time to participate in these activities?
These are all very good questions that will help you understand how I have gotten acclimated to Wake Forest University’s Schools of Business. As you might remember, I moved to North Carolina from India in August to prepare for my full-time MBA program.

Tighten your seat belts and get ready … I am going to answer each question right away.

How’s it going?
As I have said before, it is very hectic these days. I didnot realize how quickly these eight weeks went by. On weekdays, it’s all about pre-class reading, home work and some extra preparation for unannounced quizzes. Honestly, there haven’t been many days when I have actually finished all the given readings, assignments or in general felt confident for the next day’s classes. Weekends usually end by mid-Saturday because there’s always some class work or team deliverable requiring special attention. Between, I could not even realize that the first mini-semester is almost 80% done. The first set of main exams will start on Monday.
Overall, I am enjoying my stay and am thrilled to be in such a competitive yet learning atmosphere.
What am I doing in terms of my internship hunt?
Every day I try to keep myself well prepared for the next day’s classes. The internship hunt has also started in full swing so I am working along with a very helpful career management center (CMC) at school to identify industries, companies and areas of interest. I’ve already had my resume and cover letter critiqued from a highly experienced CMC team, and I have applied to a few companies. On a positive note: I hope to get some interview calls pretty soon.
Have I had my share of fun?
Oh sure I have! I’ve already been to a couple of football games, and the tailgates are so much fun. I’ve started playing ping-pong in school – yes Wake has tables - and I never realized that I could learn it so fast. It’s always fun to have a few close and competitive games sneaked in between the classes. It’s a great way to relieve tension!
Have I joined any clubs and do I get time to participate in these activities?
Oh yes I’ve. I am an officer in the International Students’ Association (ISA) and Entrepreneurship Club. I also joined the Finance club and Project Nicaragua. I’ve already been a part of couple of key ISA activities, and there are some activities coming up for entrepreneurship club, I am looking forward to the investment banking week by Finance Club and the next chapter of project Nicaragua has goten in full swing too. (Please feel free to click on the links to learn more about these clubs.)
Hope to write pretty soon.
~Rahul Goyal, full-time MBA candidate, class of 2011

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