Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wake Forest in Quotes

In our latest offering, we are looking around for the best quotes from Wake Forest faculty. Regularly, we will provide those quotes and links to the stories where the faculty were featured, saving you time and still showing you the university's academic reach.


"These companies have hesitated for as long as they could to raise prices in response to tax increases. Someone had to go first. They couldn't hold on anymore. Their profits were going down too much and they're going to start cutting labor, start firing people unless they raised prices a little bit."

~ Sherry Jarrell, professor of finance and economics, on News 14 Carolina
to discuss cigarette companies raising wholesale list prices

"Over past few years it's become difficult for small businesses to get loans, so they've had to find other ways to access the resources they need to grow."

~ Pat Dickson, entrepreneurship professor, discussing
small-business alliances in the Wall Street Journal

Major metro markets such as Charlotte, "can be more expensive in terms of gaining a sizable share of voice. Being heard above the fray is going to require a bigger budget commitment. The same number of media dollars may go farther in a smaller market, especially if it is less crowded."

~ Michelle Roehm, marketing professor, discussing Lowes Foods'
pulling out of Charlotte, in the Winston-Salem Journal

"Besides the imagewear concerns in general, Europe obviously is deep in economic turmoil. It's a big source of uncertainty and volatility for many companies, whether U.S. firms or even European firms themselves."

~ Mike Lord, professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, discussing Hanesbrands'
decision to sell European division, in the Winston-Salem Journal

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