Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Student Profile: Luis De La Cruz

Photo courtesy of Wake Forest University
Luis De La Cruz was also featured on the Wake Forest website. He plans to develop an expertise in multicultural marketing and specifically in marketing to Hispanic consumers. Here is an excerpt of his recent Q&A.

Who has been your biggest cheerleader?
I gained the most support from a group of close friends in the MBA program. They are all very bright guys who have backgrounds similar to my own. We have become as close as brothers over the last two years, and hopefully we’ll continue to be so in the future.

What class did you enjoy most?
I enjoyed studying quantitative analysis and developing an eye for applying quantitative models to common, everyday business situations. We are a data-driven generation. Getting the tools to help me make objective and informed decisions as a manager makes me much more prepared for a successful career in marketing.

What was surprising about the program?
None of us was ready for the demands and rigor of the Wake Forest MBA program. I wasn’t expecting to have my brain and my skills stretched to the point that they were. After going through this, I feel that the experience was so worth it!

Did you participate in an internship?
I interned at Hewlett-Packard in the Managed Enterprise Solutions unit. I was responsible for developing the marketing strategy around a number of cloud-based solutions and for creating a white paper, a landing page, and a presentation for the sales team to use in selling these solutions. During my time at HP I learned first-hand about the challenges of making decisions for a large corporation vs. a small company. I also learned a lot about the technology industry and how it has become ever more bumpy and competitive.

Did you have time for volunteer work?
During my experience at Wake [Forest] I served as the president of Project Nicaragua, a student-run organization offering seminars and consulting services to small and [midsized] business owners in Nicaragua and here in Winston-Salem. I had the opportunity to go to Nicaragua four times and to organize two rounds of seminars.

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