Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Venture Out

MandelSFor those of you who want to learn more about venture capital and compete in a premier event, then you should attend the first information and working session on Monday, Sept. 20, in the innovation lab on the 3rd floor. Every year there is a national Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) that attracts the best students from the top MBA programs. Last year, we did quite well in this competition ( for more details). Our regional competition round will be held on Feb 4, 2011, and will most likely include UNC, Rice, Georgia Tech, Emory, Duke, and Wake Forest.

Leading our effort will be Todd Johnson, assisted by Kim Westmoreland. They are both serial entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in launching venture backed companies. Additionally there will be guest speakers on selected topics (opportunity evaluation, intellectual property, and term sheets).

We will most likely schedule meetings on Monday afternoons @ 4–5:30 pm. You will find that this is a great learning opportunity, especially for those of you wishing to pursue careers in finance, consulting, or entrepreneurship because it makes your experience look more compelling.

Regarding how to proceed:

  1. Send an email to me indicating your interest, and attach a resume.
  2. Prepare. Readings can be found at  Shared Data > Mandel > VCIC. I suggest you start with the articles and vocabulary
  3. Attend the first session > Monday, Sept. 20, 4-5:30 at the Innovation Lab.

Let me know if you have any questions

Best regards,

Stan Mandel

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