Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ice Cream Social Planned for Grad Students

As a new semester approaches, we wanted to welcome you back to campus and invite you to an ice cream social on Monday, Aug. 30, from 5-6PM in the Worrell Courtyard. We also wanted to let you know of a few changes in Student Affairs Office.  First, we are now located on the first floor of Worrell outside of classroom 1117.  Please stop by to see our area when you have time.

Please remember that the goal of the Student Affairs Office is to enhance the quality of student life by working closely with individual students, student teams, student organizations, and faculty, staff and campus personnel to the extent that their activities impact your time here.  I want this office to be a central point of contact should you have questions, whether academic or non-academic.  If we cannot answer your questions, we will find someone who can.

Given that you are not new to this program, I hope we can encourage you to make Student Affairs your first stop when you need information.  Specifically, we can answer questions about University and graduate school policies, provide guidance regarding curriculum questions, respond to inquiries about graduation requirements, club and organizations, and University facilities.  As your advocate in the graduate business school, we are also here to support and guide you should you have concerns about your experience with us.

Most of you already know members of the Student Affairs Office but may not realize how job responsibilities are assigned.

  • Lisa Bryant is assigned to the full-time MBA students and continues her work with international programs. Her office is 1116 Worrell.
  • Jan Pagoria now serves as the point person for the MSA program.  Her office is 316 Kirby Hall.
  • Pat Peacock oversees our Winston-Salem Working Professional Program. Her office is 1111 Worrell.
  • Erica Holloman is responsible for our MA students and manages our multicultural efforts.  Her office is 1115 Worrell.
  • Ronda Hirtzel (1114 Worrell) and Amy Cecil (1112 Worrell) support our academic services such as transcript requests, registration/advising, the academic calendar and graduation inquiries.
  • Pasquale Quintero, in the Charlotte office, is responsible for our Charlotte Working Professionals.

Though the information above indicates program-specific responsibilities, this office functions as a team.  Any and all of us should be able to answer your questions...and we are anxious to do what we can to help you during your time in our programs.

Again, I do hope that you will join us in the courtyard on Monday afternoon.  Once you have settled into your classes, you will be hearing more from us about opportunities to learn and interact during the academic year.

Take care,

Betsy Hoppe
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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