Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catching My Breath … and Catching Up

WFU Business School Headshots 8-20-09 I would like to start by apologizing to readers of our blog for my absence for so long. While I am here, I want to provide you with several updates from my ongoing MBA journey.


a) Internship: Yes, I have got an internship with a company called the Small Business Technology Development Center as a summer consultant. This company works with small businesses around the U.S., helping them with professional advice in the fields of management. I will start in MAY and am excited to have this internship.

b) Case Competition: Last week, I was part of a team which flew to Boston to participate in a case competition organized by Hult Business School and OLPC (One Laptop per Child). Although we did not win – sad, I admit - it was a great learning experience. We were allotted five hours to solve a real time business case and then present our solution to a high-profile panel of judges. As per the schedule, the winners were later invited to present their solutions in front of all the teams. It was amazing to witness how differently each of the team thought about the business problem.

c) Last Mini: To be honest with all of you, by the time the last mini comes, be it first year or second, you get easy on your study schedules. Yes, the homework is bit less too. But, of course, you really want to go out and work somewhere to test your newly learnt skills. Same is with me. These days, general themes of conversations revolve around: Internships, Jobs and Grades. People talk about their upcoming interviews, career management sessions, interview preparation, etc. So, it is a great value addition to hear the perspective of different students, as they go through their interview processes, and based on their experiences strategizing your own interview preparations.

Hope to write soon.

~ Rahul Goyal

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