Monday, May 14, 2012

Wake Forest Faculty Facts

Our business students are taught by some of academia’s brightest minds. The faculty posseses an understanding of what makes the business world work and what makes it fail. They know because they’ve been there. They’ve worked for leading companies, followed their own entrepreneurial spirit to start successful businesses, consult regularly and have seen business in many forms, in many nations. 

Their ability to share that knowledge to help students reach their full potential is unmatched, and their commitment to providing practical experience puts a real-world face on the theories they teach.   With a student-faculty ratio of 10:1, the interaction between and among exceptional professors and bright, enthusiastic students is so much a part of the culture at Wake Forest that it can be easy to forget that such engagement is no longer the norm across higher education. The concept of balancing teaching and research demands is embraced here and acknowledged as an essential dynamic of an intellectually rigorous community.  
  • 95% hold a PhD or other doctoral degree
  • 75% have international consulting, teaching or research experience
  • 33% serve on a board of directors
  • 30% have experience owning companies
Faculty members at Wake Forest's Schools of Business are outstanding teacher-scholars dedicated to delivering a dynamic and rigorous business education. Many are veteran professionals who have worked and conducted research internationally, so they can give you firsthand insight into their own business and management challenges in class.

Wake Forest professors are also contributing to the development of new business knowledge; they are active researchers who publish in in leading scholarly journals. Many develop cases, textbooks and new research--cutting-edge information that they bring into the classroom.   Our faculty members are also committed to and passionate about your success. Because of our small size, they have the time to support and encourage innovation and creativity in your work--and provide the guidance necessary for you to find passion areas of your own that will inform your career for the rest of your life.

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