Friday, April 27, 2012

Why Apple's Fuel Cell Project Matters

The energy sector is keeping a close eye on the Apple Fuel Cell Project in North Carolina because of the progress that can be made in the field of sustainability.
That theme was a key component of a panel presentation on the Apple Fuel Cell Project at the tech company's call center in Maiden, N.C. The discussion was held Wednesday at the new Wake Forest University Charlotte Center.
Apple's fuel cell project is the largest one in the country not built by an electric utility company, and will include a 20-megawatt solar farm. The company has said it will make landfill gas the farm’s main fuel. Off-site bio gas will be injected into the natural gas pipelines for use at the Apple facility.
“As demand grows, why not push ourselves to as much as reasonably possible, supplement the existing infrastructure and replace retiring infrastructure and replace with facilities that run on solar, wind, and biomass,” said Michael Youth, the counsel and regulatory adviser for the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.
To read more on the panel, visit here. Also go here to watch professor Dan Fogel discuss the project on a recent newscast.

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