Friday, April 23, 2010

Wake Forest to Hire Diversity Advocate

reinemund Diversity efforts continue at the Wake Forest University Schools of Business.

Dean Steve Reinemund on Friday announced that the Wake Forest University Schools of Business is conducting a search for a new diversity and inclusion advocate, creating a position that is in line with other efforts to build a more inclusive faculty and student body.

At a meeting last week with evening MBA students, Reinemund said the school was close to hiring two Hispanic women for tenure-track posts (historic firsts for the schools of business) and was inIacovouC negotiations to add a second African-American to the faculty.

The school is also looking to hire a new director of student services, who would handle admissions, career services and student affairs. Those roles have been held by Charles Iacovou (right), who will take on a greater role assisting the dean in faculty related matters.

Here is the complete letter that Dean Reinemund sent to the student body this afternoon:


Dear Schools of Business Students:

We have made great strides over the past two years as a result of the tremendous commitment of our faculty and staff. In particular, Michelle Roehm’s commitment to our faculty has been outstanding. In her short tenure she has led remarkable improvements toward the excellence we all seek in teaching, research, and service. This commitment has come with an enormous personal sacrifice to her family and has taken her away from teaching and research. In a decision that I announce with regret but with complete support, Michelle has decided to step down from the team and return to her position as a full-time professor. It has been my great honor to have worked with Michelle and I know you will join me in thanking her for her exceptional service and wish her well as she transitions out of this position. As much as I will miss her important contributions to the team, I am confident she will continue to lead in creative, compassionate and critical ways. 

Michelle will continue serving as the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty until December and then Charles Iacovou will step in to this role. Michelle and Charles are committed to a smooth transition over the next seven months. 

With Michelle’s departure, we are rethinking the structure of the senior leadership team in order to continue our drive for excellence. We will be dividing the role that Charles has played into two positions: one will concentrate on the full-time MBA, Working Professionals MBA, MSA and MA programs; and the other will oversee the student services area consisting of Admissions, Career Services and Student Affairs.

We will also be building our team with a diversity advocate who will drive all our diversity and inclusion efforts.

I am pleased to announce the following senior leadership team and the undergraduate and graduate program directors:

Senior Leadership Team:

· Faculty: Charles Iacovou, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty

· Graduate Programs: Scott Shafer, Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Business Programs

· Undergraduate Programs: Gordon McCray, Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Business and Auxiliary Programs

· Diversity & Inclusion: search in progress

· Alumni: Gordon Soenksen, Associate Dean of Advancement

· Staff and Financial Accountability: David Patterson, Assistant Dean of Administration

· Student services (Admissions, Career Services, Student Affairs): search in progress

The undergraduate program directors will continue to be:

· Accounting – Yvonne Hinson

· Business & Enterprise Management – Pat Dickson

· Finance – Bill Marcum

· Math Business – Umit Akinc

There are some changes to the graduate program directors. The graduate program director team will consist of:

· MSA Program – Yvonne Hinson, Director of Accountancy

· Working Professional MBA Programs (Charlotte and Winston-Salem) – Bill Davis, Associate Dean of WPP

· Full-time MBA Program – Sherry Moss, Director of Full time MBA Program

· MA Program – Derrick Boone, Director of MA Program

Changes will be effective upon graduation this spring with the exception of those related to the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty. Michelle will transition out of the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty in December and Charles will come in then.

I want to acknowledge the enthusiasm and devotion of our team members who have served or will serve as the senior leadership team or program directors. Their support in these vital roles is critical to our success in reaching our objectives. Thank you again to Michelle Roehm for your past leadership, to Gordon McCray, Gordon Soenksen, David Patterson, Yvonne Hinson, Pat Dickson, Bill Marcum, Umit Akinc, Bill Davis and Sherry Moss for your ongoing leadership, and to Charles Iacovou, Scott Shafer and Derrick Boone for stepping into your new roles.

We are committed to continuing to evolve our programs, to better serving our students and alumni, and to providing new opportunities for our faculty and staff for their personal and professional development. I hope that you are excited at the possibilities that these enhancements will bring and hope you will join me in congratulating our colleagues on their new responsibilities and thanking those who have served in these roles over the past couple years for their remarkable contributions. 



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