Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Break … A Student’s Look Back

WFU Business School Headshots 8-20-09 Yes! yes! Yes! I was excited to get a break from a hectic academic schedule and lead a relaxed life for some time. For a long time I had planned to do few things I enjoy: movies, writing, music, friends, family and sleeping. Anyway, just to keep this short and to touch base with big highlights in a minimalistic way, I will cover a few points: 1) What have I been doing? 2) What do I plan on doing? 3) Life in general.

What have I been doing? Movies! I have seen quite a few. I have also been hanging out with friends, particularly in Old Winston Salem. I’m not counting three Parties and two dinners :). I have a couple of invitations for dinner lined up. I have also started working 10 hours a week with a professor and started a unpaid school time internship with a private equity firm.

What else do I plan on doing? I am continuing to look out for internships and finding time to watch more movies. I am planning to get back to some of my finance books (never too early to resume studying). I also completed an exciting trip to New York!

Life in general has been going great. My cooking is improving as I have tried some new dishes. Oh, it snowed and I went crazy. I had never seen snow before and it was so nice to see snow flakes falling from the sky. I did go out with roommates and had good fun. It just looks beautiful right now and I am in complete awe.

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